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Jeremy Gottzmann

I woke up in a daze. There wasn’t a clock in the room. Just a security camera at the center of the ceiling, a dresser with a few shelves filled with nurse pants and shirts. My “roommate” was snoring away in the bed next to me, as I thought to myself “I came here to get some rest”. 

Maria Godfrey

This was when I started to doubt why I was trying so hard to return to play, and whether or not it was really worth it. I started having a hard time getting out of bed. I stopped going to classes. I stopped going to the gym. I just seemed to stop caring about a lot of things that I used to hold close to my heart.

Logan Seaman

Once I steadied myself from the dizziness, I sunk to the floor and wept – not from the pain, but from the incredible feeling of weakness, fragility, and helplessness. I remember thinking that for the first time I truly understood the feeling of despair. 


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